High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

Medium Weight

Advanced Technology for a Better, Stronger Bond

All bonding compounds are not created equal. That is because many of today’s professional bonding products are “resin-starved”, due to excessive quantities of general filler packing used to regulate viscosity. This may ultimately jeopardize the overall strength and long term durability of the bond, which could inevitably threaten the quality of your project. Arjay’s Advanced Technology and Lower Exotherm Means Our Medium Weight “Stays Put”, Bonds Stronger and Really Keeps Its Cool.

How We Created the Perfect Compound

Our early experience in the boat building industry taught us that to get the perfect bond, especially between fiberglass parts, you sometimes had to create the perfect compound...yourself. From this spirit of innovation, Arjay products like Medium Weight Compound were born.

Arjay Medium Weight Bonding Compound Stays Put
A Stronger Yet Flexible Bond Through Advanced Innovation
By using custom sizes and shapes of filler material, we can formulate high viscosity composites while delivering the maximum amount of premium resin for adhesion.

Arjay Medium Weight Bonding Compound Stays Put

Easy to Apply or Pump and Engineered to “Stay Put”
Clings to almost any surface--even vertical ones--and can be easily pumped through all major dispensing equipment.

Arjay Medium Weight has Low Exotherm
Low Exotherm Means Less Cracking and Shrinking

Because our compound gives off less heat while curing, you get a flexible fill with little or no shrinkage or cracking.

Specifications Medium Weight

Arjay Medium Weight Compound Overview

Arjay Medium Weight Compound