High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

4501 J-Core Bonding Compound

From Small Parts to Hardtops,
J-Core’s Ultra-Light Weight Makes It 
The Perfect Compound for the Job

Weighing in at the incredible light weight of less than 5 pounds per gallon, you will almost wonder how one of our most popular bonding compounds can possibly be as strong as it is.  The secret to J-Core’s success is its unique blend of physical properties.  It allows for aggressive material substitutions that can save material and labor costs in almost any application.

Reduces Overall Hardtop Weight

J-Core has been shown to reduce overall hardtop weight by as much as 25%, which  can improve stability when used in today’s high performance power boats.

Flows Easy

Pumps great, trowels easily, and flows well under moderate clamping pressure.  Makes sandwich construction applications  a piece of cake!

Stays Put

One of J-Core’s best features is the fact that it "hangs" when a mold is flipped, which makes it the ideal choice for many two part marine applications.

Cures with Low Exotherm

Arjay products are well-known for the low exotherm when used in large masses.  J-core follows in that tradition and enhanced part cosmetics directly result.

Perfect for Small Part "Sandwich" Bonds

The use of J-Core in small parts with hand laid skins is surprisingly efficient and results in light weight, superb cosmetics and an extremely low number of costly defects requiring repair.

Need More Viscosity?

Try J-Core Higher Viscosity Compounds 4501/4502 HV & XHV
Click here for more information on our higher viscosity J-Core bonding compounds.

Please Note: The specs below are for our regular J-Core product (4501-4502).  For HV & XHV, please see specs and special catalyzation guide for those products on their product information pages (Click Here)

Specifications J-Core



Gel Time

Arjay J-Core Bonding Compound