High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry

About our HFBCs

Arjay’s High Fiber Bonding Compound (HFBC) series has been formulated for use in demanding applications where strength, crack resistance and value are of paramount importance. The products in this line contain high aspect ratio minerals and milled and chopped fibers which impart exceptional physical properties to address special situations without going to the expense of a vinyl ester compound. The combination of greater volumetric resin content and high fiber loading is the key to the problem solving potential of these products.

• The volumetric amount of resin available for bonding is an important factor and is as much as 50% greater for the HFBC’s than that typically found in general purpose putties. This results in an increase in bonding sites and significantly stronger bonds. When stresses are applied, the enhanced tensile strength allows the composite to “bend without breaking”. In other words – goodbye cracks!

• HFBC’s contain a minimal amount of conventional fillers and instead employ fibrous materials. Many times in high stress applications the high filler loadings of general purpose putties are a source of cracking problems. They reduce the amount of resin available for bonding and do little or nothing to enhance tensile strength. Here’s a closer look at Arjay’s problem solving lineup:

1. 3051 Multi-Use Compound

This is the most versatile product in the line. Pump it or trowel it. Use it for bonding laminates, plywood or cores. Use it to fill cavities. It was originally developed for a large catamaran builder for bonding in bulkheads. The stresses under sail were such that the general purpose putty was failing. 3051 solved the problem as it has over the years in many critical bonding situations.

3051 is a great choice in the marine repair field. Having one “Multi-Use” high strength bonding compound available reduces stocking needs and can lead to long term customer satisfaction. After all, many times the repair being made was caused by a material failure and rebuilding with a higher strength product may avoid a recurrence of the problem.

2. 3201 Hi-Fibe Sandable Compound

This product has over 80% available resin and is recommended for critical bonding applications in both the marine and industrial fields. It is especially well suited for instances such as attaching fittings to tanks, scrubbers, etc. where the compound needs to be sanded or ground before adding a final fiberglass laminate. It will not clog up the sandpaper or grinding disc.

3. 3401 Chopped Glass Fiber Compound

This is the star of the HFBC lineup as far as bond strength is concerned. It has over 16% fibrous materials (by weight) and over 90% available resin (by volume). The combination makes for incredibly tough bonds like that demanded by a major audio company in high vibration applications. Also being used by boat builders for applications near the transom where engine vibration requires the durability and strength of 3401.

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