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6011 Ceramic Pourable Compound (CPC)

Since 1995,
Arjay’s Ceramic Pourable Compound is Over 50,000 Transoms Strong...
and Growing

Boat manufacturing processes have improved a lot over the years, and Arjay has been there every step of the way.  Our CPC is becoming  the standard for boat hull transoms, where extremely high compressive and flexural strengths and low exotherm in large masses are not only required, they’re everything.  Today’s transoms hold more weight and power than ever before, and failure is not an option

Ceramic Pourable

Hull Liner Method

Hull liner is designed with an aft portion that serves both as an inside form and final inner laminate.  Spot application of foam prevents CPC from escaping.

Special FRP Laminate

A laminate (Left) can be laid up off line, is trimmed and tabbed in using spacers to provide the form for pouring and also serve as the inner laminate.

Reusable Form

A natural release material like HDPE can be shaped to provide the inside form for multiple applications. The perimeterof this form must be sealed temporarily with a fairing compound such as Arjay’s 1301. After removal, the entire surface should be sanded before application of the interior laminate.

Repair: Rescuing Old Transoms

Many older powerboats were built with plywood transoms, which eventually rot.  Arjay’s CPC allows repair of these transoms that’s minimally invasive, takes less time, and is ultimately more cost effective.

Use Our 6011 Calculator to Determine How Many Pails You Need:
We've put together a calculator that will allow you to plug in your height, width and depth in inches and instantly get the number of pails of product your transom will need.  If you have any questions, you can always call us at 727.538.0600.  We'll be happy to help. Download an Excel version of the  Calculator here

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