High Performance Bonding Compounds for the Composites Industry
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    Are You Ready? Don't settle for less than the strength and impact resistance of Arjay Performance Products. This isn't just any boat. It's yours. Make it your best. Start with the Best Radius Compounds
  • Got Fini$h Work?
    Got Fini$h Work? Is your bonding compound costing you money?
    If finish work is a regular part of your process, it is. Arjay has a better way.
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  • Do More with 6011
    Do More with 6011 Our customers discovered 5 innovative ways to do more with Arjay's Ceramic Pourable Compound!
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  • Avoiding Print Problems
    Avoiding Print Problems Learn how our customers are using J-Core in new ways and eliminating print in mold applications
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  • Ceramic Pourable
    Ceramic Pourable Arjay's CPC 6011 has been used by boat builders for over 17 years. It is also widely used in marine repair for replacing rotted wood in transoms
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  • Arjay Stays Put
    Arjay Stays Put In addition to being totally flexible with your pumping equipment, Arjay Medium Weight Bonding Compound "Stays Put" to make application easier
  • J-Core in Hard Tops
    J-Core in Hard Tops The marine industry trusts Arjay for all of their big bonding jobs, including hard tops
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About Performance

Arjay Tecnologies creates high performance and custom bonding compounds for the composite industry.

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  • Mixes Quickly and easily!
  • Sets Strong and solid
  • Fills Right With less shrinkage

Marine Repair & Restoration Solutions from Arjay

Arjay compounds have become a standard in the marine repair industry.  Here's how companies are putting Arjay products to use:



For Use in replacing rotted wood in power boat transoms.  Several different techniques are employed depending on the specifics involved.  Where possible, the most cost efficient approach is to retain the inner and outer fiberglass laminates.  However, in some cases, one or both of the laminates must be removed and a temporary form employed to retain the 6011 compound.
Popular Application: Stringer Repair Using Pourable 6011 

Many older boats with wooden stringers overlaid with fiberglass laminate require repair once dry rot occurs.  The top portion of the laminate can be cut away, the rotted wood removed and 6011 poured into the resulting cavity.

6011 has been used successfully in this application for over 10 years.  Such repairs are faster than conventional techniques and result in a rot resistant, high strength structure that is better than new.
These products can be used in repairing or rebuilding areas  of a fiberglass boat.
For bonding cores of all types, including plywood, to fiberglass laminates.  4001 is a formulation that provides more free resin, ensuring a confident bond.
For general purpose bonding where ease of application and secure bonding are sought.
Specially formulated bonding compound for use in high vibration applications and anywhere the assurance of a rugged bond is desired.  Used by several OEM's for bonding applications in the transom area.
For those critical bonding applications where the superior tensile elongation of this vinyl ester product can make a difference.